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Arrival: We meet at Canyon Springs Elementary. If you arrive a few minutes early, we will have coffee and refreshments available for you and your family. You will be greeted as you come in and our team will help you know exactly were to go.

Children: A Welcome Team member will assist you with taking your kids to our childcare volunteers. We will check in your child and provide you with a label for pickup. Our experienced team is always concerned with the security and welfare of your child. Please know we do not allow anyone to volunteer in childcare unless they have passed a background check and have been trained by our best leaders. 

Worship: Worship is very important to us. Our praise team will lead us to experience God’s presence with songs that are easy to sing and are glorifying to God. We use contemporary styles for music that is approachable by young and old alike. 

Before you leave: If you are a first time guest, please come by our information booth for a free gift bag! We want to show you our appreciation for visiting with us. If you have kids, bring your label to our childcare center and retrieve your child – we love kids but don’t want to keep them!

Dress: Please feel free to come casually dressed. We are not concerned with what you wear but want to honor God and follow Jesus in all we do and in how we live. We want you to focus on knowing Jesus and worshiping God, not in how everyone looks.